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Our Diamonds

How do you recognize perfection? Perfection that makes the heart beat faster, that beckons you from across the room.  Like love at first sight, sometimes you just know it when you see it. Our diamond rings and jewelry captures that feeling and presents it to you in a diamond like no other, for the person like no other. Keepsake Diamonds are for those who expect more, and give more in return. For those who want to say more. For those who live intensely, and love intensely.

The extraordinary level of care that goes into the creation of our bridal jewelry also guides the careful selection of Diamonds. Our Diamonds are hand-selected by the world’s foremost gemology experts to ensure the highest quality. This uncompromising level of care and attention to detail is what separates Keepsake Diamond Center from jewelry stores, and it reflects the passion of the Keepsake for providing beautiful heirlooms to be treasured for generations. 

The 4 C's of Diamonds

"Cut" describes the angles, shapes and proportions determined by a master gem cutter when he takes a "diamond in the rough" and turns it into a beautiful, polished diamond. In the past, carat was considered the defining characteristic of desirable diamonds. Recently “cut” has surpassed “carat” while “color” and “clarity” are also given more consideration as extremely important factors in high quality diamonds.

"Clarity" refers to the relative absence of flaws. An inclusion is a flaw that extends into the gemstone and a blemish is a flaw on its surface. Inclusions and blemishes can interrupt the flow of light through the diamond. This diminishes its brilliance, hence its value. These are measured on a scale established by the GIA. FL means "flawless" and is the highest grade. VVS means "very, very slightly included" and VS means "very slightly included" and are still hard to see, even with a jeweler's magnifying glass. I, or "included" is the lowest grade, and imperfections may be visible to the naked eye.

"Carat" is a measure of a diamond’s weight, not size. As large carat diamonds occur rarely in nature, they are extremely valuable. 

"Color" Although we think of a diamond as naturally "white", the most rare and valuable color for this stone is considered "colorless." Most diamonds actually have a tint of yellow, or less commonly, brown. A color scale created by the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA, grades diamonds on a scale ranging from D to Z, with D being colorless. But not all color detracts from value. Diamonds can also be found in a range of colors including red, purple and even green. These colors, when bright and pure, are very rare and considered highly desirable. Vibrant yellow diamonds and pinks are currently in vogue.